Wildlife reserve

Wedge or soft.
(Manis javanica).
Body covered with a bit of hard IP is a small hole with a long tongue inhabited by sparse out at night and feed on the ground. To sleep the sleep timer is a hollow coil round food like ants and termites are seen. In all of Thailand.
02.jpg (6141 bytes) buffalo or bear, black bear.
(Selenarctos Buffalo).
Thailand is a huge bear hirsute torso black neck feathers are white V-shaped snout rather Black mouth and big ears, long tail, short out nocturnal eating both plants and animals for food. Such as insects, leaves and lace are only 2-3.
Live in the nest on flat low evergreen clump clump broken wicker like Enter the month and he is the -. Indigo with some Krabi expected to remain less than 100 now.
Sumatran rhinoceros
(Didemocerus sumatraensis).
Is the smallest rhino species in the world, there are two species of rhino 5 North like twigs, leaves and fruit is a very rare animal that is currently found in Forest area along the border Thailand – Burma border Thailand – Malaysia.
(Pardofelis marmorata).
A medium-sized wild cat living in the jungles and rainforests like living in a tree at night snakes eat mice, birds, insects. Today is a very rare animal.
(Naemorhedus griseus).
Resemble goats found in the high peaks of over 1,000 meters above sea level and is cold all year round. The current outstanding amount found in the Mae Tuen wildlife sanctuaries. Tak.
05.jpg (6066 bytes) เจ้าฟ้าหญิงสิรินธร birds.
(Pseudochelidon sirintarae).
Thailand is found on the 2511 wetland area and boating services. Sawan islands lying in the grass like a hovering insect is currently believed extinct.
03.jpg (7034 bytes).
(Panthera tigris).
The yellow-orange stripes across a black stripe black striped tail jointed. Habitat of tiger, found in Siberia, the Caspian Lake, India, China, Malaysia, etc., and are found in all regions of Thailand.
04.jpg (5973 bytes) Sambar.
(Cervus unicolar).
Living wild grass and bamboo lace at night. Pregnant ewes for about eight months, the first time a deer stand about 15 to 20 years old found in almost all sectors.

05.jpg (7498 bytes).
The glasses.
(Presbytis phayrei).
Pages are black or gray eyes are green, blue, white hind legs and tail are the same color as the back. The glasses are very common in Asia, including China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.
06.jpg (8399 bytes) Leopard.
(Panthera pardus).
Animals with a nervous eye agility and stealth like leopard skin is yellow brown. The black dots are floating Kiugmtinhma Figure leopards living in jungle tree hollow. Thick on the rocks or hiding it three times, it will produce a 2-3 or more to 5.

(Cervus porcinus).
As small as deer, barking deer Gazelle gregarious little birds living along the pasture in the morning and evening in Thailand to extinction. Sri Lanka, southern China, Laos, Burma etc..