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The second strand of the Bible

Vedas are the oldest, one of the world’s magic comes from the Sanskrit root canals that switch means that the knowledge collected in the sacred books as possible. These books called the Vedas. The oldest literary monument of the world. Vedas are taught or passed down through a long period of Aryan peoples.
King’s likeness.

1) Senior nourish themselves like the king who worshiped God help His people second (106.4).
2) Head to the village Takษinatan shall be regarded like the king in the nation (107.5).
3) it is a great knight like the King 2 He who is happy (143.6).

Metaphor heroic warrior.

1) I like the heroic warriors, strong knights were comparable (106.7).
2) Switch the season has been to appeal to those who like the hymn of praise to the heroic fighters for the battle chariots (149.4).
3) encouraging prayer is like the mighty warrior of the fire alarm, we come to battle in the arena Praepriiw (156.1).

Metaphor cows.

1) The Heart of God had been plea to give something to aspire to be like the big cow with milk and many milk (101.9).
2) a hymn in praise of the Royal ceremony to MF Indra cried like the cows to calves (119.4).
3) that the husband has been urged by his wife to sail like the cows are moving along the calves (145.6).
4) Switch the season has been to appeal to the Royal MF ceremony like the cows are moving around in the woods, walk to the village as soon as (149.4).
5) Senior’s appeal to the ritual sacrifice of Mary MF hungry like the cows are eating grass from the pasture (149.4).
6) a hymn of praise to the goddess worship hymns to the night, like the cows that give milk (127.8).
7) Switch the season has been a hymn of praise to appeal to parents like the Dairy Milk varieties are ready to cry and to the calves (149.4).

Young ox and cow herd cattle metaphor.

1) Indra was terrified the enemies like the cattle herd (103.1).
2) to the Royal Knight MF ceremony like the young ox to the cow pasture (106.2).
3) She was probably a good move toward MF ritual sacrifice. Like the cow herd is healthy and strength. Moving onto pastures (115.2).
4) Senior organs like the strong cattle herd with 2 strength moves with a jaunty (106.5).
5) Indra is the elimination of these hostile actions like the cattle herd to face the enemy (116.4).

Horse metaphor.

1) I like the knight to the hymns in praise of the horse was the second victory for the enemy (106.2).
2) Senior powerful because of the sacrifice like the two horses have power because they eat grass (106.5).
3) Indra drink Soma to make him more powerful, like the horse-drawn chariots to Praepriiw (119.3).
4) When the powerful demon Maharishi and dragged the string bound to like the horse to be active
5) The Dark Knight The hermit against the string. (From being a demon) and their desire to like the horses (143.1).
6) an elixir Soma to Indra, like the horses (144.1).
7) The Swiss Thu milking of cows being tethered to heaven like the horse was short Etigm (149.1).

Car Wars metaphor.

1) Car Charger sleight of Dark Knight Dark Knight approached. Like the chariots of my own approach (106.7).
2) the line of fire of the fire visible chariots like the row number (142.8).
3) Senior Tax not make Impressionism held at the new veterans like the car to be repaired, then (143.1).
4) His chariots like a shining knight. (The Sun) (176.3).

Other metaphors are used even less than three times in the 10th district, but may be used or displayed in other counties and is analogous to the existing number. The following example.

Parable husband.
The T switch is a hymn of praise to the petition. Like the husband to his wife (149.4).

Metaphor for women.
1) The wife of a hermit to enjoy Mutc like the women have been abandoned by her husband to realization (102.11).
2) I have been pleading to the anal opening like the way the woman’s husband (110.5).

Analogous to grow barley.
The matter has been begging to give patronage belonging to the Royal ceremony, each MF. I like the crop barley harvested at the beginning of barley (131.2).

Elephant metaphor.
Knight is like the elephant killing enemies are insanely powerful sexual organ into (106.6).

Metaphor arrows.
No one can determine the speed of love like the human placenta in vitro no one can determine the speed of the arrow is on the run (178.3).

Debt metaphor.
Aurora the goddess has been pleading for eliminating the darkness. Like the people to eliminate their debt (127.7).

Metaphor for women who are sexually aroused.
Waters flow into the ocean, like the women who are sexually to her husband (111.10).

Metaphor for family guardians.
The hymn the Brahmin sitting around Indra. Like the guardian of the family sitting around the time of the clan leader, and will go out (179.2).

Wolf metaphor.
Indra’s prayer for the men who behave like wild dogs that come under the paws of prayer (133.4).

So a figure of speech in scripture Rigveda property Lahiri eyes are wide. The Bible is not the purpose of the Aryan gods and pray. A figure of speech which consists of analogies and metaphor. The metaphor is a different god. In the Psalms. The metaphor is that the author has quoted from elsewhere, such as the right people, animals, places and objects, as well as the emotions that I have seen, and the ancient Aryan or worship. In everyday life. Some analogy may be found in those days or in the days following. The parable of the debt. The shuttle weaving metaphor, but the metaphor is common in the postwar period, but was not found in the Vedas as a metaphor or analogy Lion Hotels etc.