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Human evolution

Economic doctrine that we have faced. And disprove it from the start. The investigation is consistent with the opinion of the common man. Capitalism is seen as a cost. The labor force and the competing theories of Lampedusa Marathas so prejudicial that is consistent with both the rich and the poor, so as to improve the race progressed incrementally. At least consistent with the common Which is the difference in civilization because of differences in race, ethnicity Likewise, it creates harmony and the formula seems to be the criteria for review. The ubiquitous presence already. Surprisingly, the spread of it, since the latter is a surprise to Darwin. With the world’s first book “Origin of Species” is not a conquest of him as a blend. (Assimilation) do.

However, we will have a human origin. All we know about him is that he is just a human being – as is to be found now. There is no record or evidence of them in the state to be lower than those found in the woods to the whatever bridge he crossed the wide gap. Which now separates humans from animals. Still not showing signs of it. Among the lowest savages as far as we know, the highest animal. It appears that there are differences to be reconciled not do – which is not only a difference in size or degree (Degree) but also in the type (Kind) with another character. Human reactions and emotions of many of the lower animals is shown. But whether humans have low levels of humanity is. It did not appear that he will be the one thing which no evidence exists in animals, although it is a little something that has been clearly recognized. It can hardly be defined. It has the ability to improve the human – animal which he advances.

Beavers build a dam. Nesting birds and the bees grains. But while the Beaver Dam a hive of bees, birds and the loss created by the same always. Home of the man transition from crude huts made of leaves and branches of a majestic building, equipped with all modern logistics happy dogs that can be connected together to achieve it. And may have been some training routines. But its ability to do that does not even count, but not always. Friendly man who steadily improved and civilized dog does not have the ability or intelligence than dogs of the forest. At least we do not continue to use animals as clothing. Hob. The invention of tools or weapons for themselves. The nourishment they need to eat other animals. Or a spoken language. But it does not appear to have seen or heard about a man who did not do so. The man in the story is not that what we know. It shows.

This ability – in addition to what nature has done to him. With what he’s done to himself. And in fact predictable physical properties (physical endowment) of humans is extremely low. Nothing in the world. He will not survive. Without this ability. Some exceptions might be some small islands in the Pacific Islands.

Without question, this is a matter that is not mentioned before. I would be hesitant to check on the little space as possible. To devote to this. This is because it deals with some problems as the highest spiritual. Pondering the human will. Directly or indirectly to anyone. But it is a question that appears natural. We have come to the conclusion that this is consistent with the rule or not great. The Human Development operated under the rules?

What are the rules? We must find an answer to this question. Although modern philosophy because it will ensure that there is a rule such as this unequivocally. But it does not explain the rules to be more desirable than a description of the subject. In the current economic problems, that’s why it still has a shortfall in port services. Federal funds are increasingly more economic.

Let us seize the firm. In fact as many as possible, we do not need to investigate how humans gradually developed from animal use. Issues related to the human as we know he was born with. He will probably have a close relationship with any one. The latter, it must be clear from the first light always. We can not be inferred from what I can to find out what they already know. The fact that we already know. We can only assume that’s what happened before we know it.

Everywhere and all the time people have demonstrated this capability – and all the time we have known. Some people take advantage of this capability. But he uses this ability levels vary greatly. The canoe to sail the rough water. Gun fired during Naboo meringue repeat. The roughly carved wood with marble inspired by Greek art. Between the wild and modern scientific knowledge. Between the Indians and the white settlers who migrated to. Hot women between tribes and the state of Scottish society refined and beautiful, these would be vastly different.

Different levels of use of this ability. We shall not be claimed to be due to the difference in performance from the original – people growing up in today’s been a wild man in the history of this and we will find the widely different among. population of the same species, we can not be claimed to be due to differences in environment. Nature, but the only – source of education and science, the art of the moment. Nationals have been brutal occupation. And within a few years, the city was the land of the native tribes who hunted the woods. It is obvious that these differences are involved. Social development. Perhaps from beyond the minimum. We will develop better man when he was only a man. Thus, we conclude that only a combination of growth and improvement in the human condition, such as this year. Into the civilization. (Civilization) improved on his human civilization has advanced. Or friends participation in society.

What is the law of civilization? We will describe the different stages of civilization. Of different communities with common core what? The progress of civilization is the result of what was real. We will be prepared to adapt to the society that supports different civilizations that do not support. Or to explain why an institution or state. Which one may be causing the advancement of civilization. Ballast once held back progress?

This belief is reflected in the progress of civilization is. Development or evolution. During this man’s ability to increase his speed and features. With the effect of causing the same to be used as the source of Species or different species (species) of animals and plants – that is, the survival of the best. And the transfer of the property to be inherited.

In that civilization is an evolutionary one – which is the language of Herbert Spencer, it was advances from the same inconsistencies as a non-specific. Corresponding to a specific difference (from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity to a definite, coherent heterogeneity) – there is no doubt. But this does not explain or identify the reasons which support or brace gravity. The evolution. Spencer said of the sweep, which aims to explain the – under the guidance of all matter and energy. It includes all these reasons, it is just that. I can not say. However, as described by the rules. Philosophy of development is not specifically on this issue. And made a comment. Or be a unity in the comments. Which is not consistent with the facts.

General description of the progress of this. I thought that was very similar to the common vision of the money. Analyze the causes of the economic wealth without equal. If he has a theory. Usually the theory is that there is plenty of money to be found for those who are. Willing and able. And folly. Laziness Or recklessness as to the difference between the rich and poor. And therefore descriptions of common differences. Of civilization is the difference in being able to. The nation is civilized races. And the progress of civilization is superior because of the rarity of this – as well as the British people are generally seen as a victory for the British and their properties. The fair – the sublime than the French eat frogs. And Americans in general, I think that the rule by the people. Innovation, invention actively. And well-being on average higher than other people because “the good of the Yankees” superior.

Chelsea dominated the world of ideas is now as follows: the struggle to remain human effort to encourage new inventions and innovation are increasingly struggling with the consequences. Prosperity and a better ability to make progress is to be determined. By inheritance. And has been expanded by a trend of people who are prepared to own the best. Or the most advanced in order to survive and spread out among the various parties and trends, national or ethnic tribes cooked himself the best or the most advanced in the future. Survive in the struggle between different social groups have a theory to explain the difference between humans and animals. And the difference in progress between humans themselves. With certainty, but it is not as common now. I recently had to explain this difference by using the theory of The creation of a special intervention of God.

The action of this theory is the popular cult Destiny (fatalism) with the hope of one. The ubiquitous presence in modern literature, listening to * by this progress is the result of power. Many of which act slowly, steadily, and without mercy. For the human mind to war, slavery, oppression, famine and plague, superstition poverty and misery. Which appear in modern civilization. Is the reason that drives people to the removal of the inferior and larger type than the gene is the power to dictate the pace of the front and the progress in the past is the foundation for new advances are people so. As a result of the changes made to those persons in the past is in order. Long lasting. Any form of social organization and the individuals who compose the society, so the theory is based on the words of Herbert Spencer ** – is “a radical change in favor of (radical) than a radical ideological change. Any current thinking “by virtue of which it seeks to change the nature of the human being at the same time. This theory is. “Conservatives than any ideological conservatives of today would think” because this theory assumes that there are no changes other than the change in the nature of a man slowly. Sages teach that this will not reduce the obligation to try to reform the wrongful acts, as well as a divine command. Doctrine teaches that God has set before you. Confirmed that it is the duty of all those who are struggling to survive. But, as generally understood. As a result, the popular cult of Destiny – “Though we may be doing. Grinding mill of God will continue regardless of the length or the. Retardation of us, “I said to allude to this only to show you what I am holding. That are being spread and penetration into the idea in general to quickly search for truth. We should not give consideration to the results of it makes our thoughts turn turned to go, but I considered going current civilization is as follows: Civilization is the result of powerful men who, by the way indicated a gradual change. human nature, and to improve and enhance the ability of humans to slowly between civilized people and savages is a difference in the education of the tribe. Species as long as the island permanently in mind. And improvements are likely to continue to rise to Aryabhata – fairly high up, we reached a point where progress seems to be normal for us, and we look Forward with confidence in the great achievement of mankind to be born than later – some even believe that most people do not make scientific progress. Immortality, and he can not travel to a planet but a star with It enabled him to create the sun and the universe itself. ***

But without rising to the stars. Once the theory of progress, which seems to be too simple for us. Among civilizations is underway to look around the world, it would be faced with the great facts – that is, the suspension stiffened their civilization. Humanity does not have the most current ideas about progress. Most current mobile mankind. (Such as our own ancestors had considered until a period of two to three people this age) that at the time of the perfection of man. There may be differences between wild and civilized by that theory. The forest also developed an extremely weak. This makes it somewhat.

The child’s progress. But the theory that human progress is the result of a common cause. Continuous. We will describe an advanced civilization to the interruption, but how? We can not mention Hindus and ethnic Chinese as well as could be said. Superior to that of the wild due to over training. We are like the adults and for nature. While he was still a child. Hindus and Chinese used to be civilized when we were in the forest. They have ruled that cities are well organized and strong literature, philosophy, refined manners and the division of labor (division of labor) is a fairly large commercial. And sophisticated art while our ancestors are uncivilized people homeless. Living in huts and tents, leather. Indians do not grow to even less. As we progress from this state of barbarism to civilization, dating back to the 19th century, Hindu and Chinese still live with that. If progress is the result of the rules of the course. Avoid punishment. And eternal. The driving force of human progress. How do we explain this?

The philosophy of development is the most popular one is the Walter Bagehot (“Physics and Politics”) has recognized the force of this objection. And try to explain this way: The first thing you need to make a civilized man is his breed. Induced him to live with men under the law. The laws and traditions are also increasing. Intensified and expanded by means of natural selection. Tribes or nations together in this way has an advantage over tribes or ethnic groups, traditions, and laws which are not included in the most intense and solid than it has. Continue to progress. These advances will continue to be a situation when they are induced to. Discussion and allow freedom and flexibility necessary for progress updates.

Bagehot description which is provided with a certain skepticism. As he said this himself. I think that the general theory to be reliable. It is useless to say anything to them because we are all clear that it is you. Explain the facts.

The resulting combination of atomic motion. Which in turn breaks down into atoms when the equilibrium state and the rest later. The new movement when the force of the impact. This will make the process of historical evolution. Cause the material to break down more and more gas. This will cause the one with the combination of the gas as it can be said that the combination of the individual in the community to generate power. The light and warmth of civilization. However, when this process breaks down the individual components which is at equilibrium into their routine. It was followed by disruptions. And the scattering due to the invasion of the barbarians is essential. For the process and the growth of civilization again.

However, a similar comparison is the most dangerous way of thinking that it might be connected to the similarities. But also hide or obscure the truth. And then there is that similarity is only superficial. When members of the community, emerging gradually in children with new vitality. A small community with the power to decline as humans. On the power of the majority of the force will be equal to the sum of the individual as a representative body of the international community would not lose significant power. The essential elements of its power is reduced.

However, the similarity comparison between the ordinary life of the nation. Individual. And in comparison to the one I proposed. It is clearly aware of the fact that one potential – that is, the fact that the barriers to progress and eventually arise. Because progress itself. And what has destroyed all previous civilizations, it is a condition that occurs. Due to the growth of civilization itself.

This is a truth which philosophy is now ignored. But it is true that the most important. The theory is that with the advancement of mankind has not plausibly be explained by this fact.

Likely to cause an erection, which Bagehot said to show itself off from its early stages of development, and his example about it almost from the wild or semi-wild, but civilization to the interruption of these steps. far before it breaks down. Should have a civilization are growing far more when compared with the wild, but it’s still a weak liberal and progressive civilization to a halt this week, at the point where almost nothing worse than a lot of areas. superior civilization of modern Europe around the 16th century, or at worst the beginning of the 15th century to the point that it needs to be discussed. Welcome new and all kinds of brain activity. They are the architects of the Arts and Science building boom reached a very high level of innovation or improvement to a sequence. The ship is the only ship to the USS Henry the 8th most innovative in many ways the same. The inventors have discovered that the update has stopped close to what’s most important to us and we can learn from some of them even. The engineers who built the canals for irrigation and navigation. The philosophy is to compete and have a good idea of religious conflict. One of the great missionary religion is similar to Christianity in many respects it is. In India. To replace the old religion spread widely throughout the country to China. But it was religion to replace the original sources of the same way that Christianity has been replaced as the first source of the count long after humans have to live together for life and living. aggressive Innovation resulting in improved progress. And even more than that. Both India and China have taken on a new life of the conqueror and the tradition. Model with different ideas.

Civilization to the interruption as much as possible. Of the civilization as we know it is of Egyptian civilization. Even art that came back as normal and the coagulate. But we know that behind the scenes, this term has to be the lively and canned Reed act opera – a civilization that developed and expanded as our civilization is now – otherwise, the arts and sciences. will not rise as high as just that. And excavation soon light on Egypt’s ancient than that of basic but well below what we know. Same about Egypt – from sculpture and carving, which is rather stiff and formal. To shine with life and meaning. It shows a powerful, natural and artistic freedom as an indication that the active life and extended. For advanced civilizations, which is now not the same as it would have been different.

But not only the cessation of these civilizations theory. Currently, the development did not explain. It is not just that the man was walking along the path of progress to me then. Breaks down. But as far as humans have walked the way of progress, then backwards too. The face of this theory is not just one single case only – it is a universal rule ever. Civilization, every civilization the world has ever seen would have a hard time growing strongly inhibited the degradation and decline. Those arising in civilization and prosperity. But now remained stagnant civilization and our civilization itself, which is not. Old as the pyramids, while Abraham looked – behind the pyramid is the distance of the historic 20th century have been recorded.

It is no doubt true. That our civilization has a broader base. Are more advanced. Moving faster. And civilizations that have risen above it. However, in these terms. But it will not progress to civilization than the Greeks – Roman Than to civilizations – Greek, Roman civilization progressed beyond Asia. And if it’s more advanced. That does not prove anything about the archive and its future prospects. Unless they can demonstrate that it is superior to what the various causes of failure altogether. Current theories of earlier civilizations did not show this.

In fact. If the explanation of the facts of universal history. Do not have any theories to go beyond this theory. That civilization is the result of the method of natural selection, which acts to improve and The ability of human beings. That civilization has occurred in various places, and there are progressive with a different speed. Not that it is not consistent with this theory. Because that may be the result of the balance between the forces that drive inequality and Against it. But the progress has started everywhere. (Even on the lowest among the tribes. We still have some progress) without any of that is going to continue. Instead, stop or reverse the loss of all. It is not entirely consistent with it. This is because if the progress made to bring about improvements in the nature and cause of human progress, even though more and more to be interrupted occasionally. The general rule is that progress will be continually – advances have led to a breakthrough. And civilization will develop into a more noble civilization.

Not only with the general rules of international law only if it is contrary to this. Empire Earth is the tomb of the dead as much as the graves of the dead man’s progress will be suitable for the more advanced. Strong and progressive civilization, every civilization of modern civilization, as well as our own in the back and down manually. Again that art has deteriorated. Science sink. Is waning. The sparsely populated. The people who built the temple and the city’s powerful. The river and mountains piercing. Nourish the earth like a garden. The most elaborate and adopt a resolution into the sub and then return to the savage life that pathetic even a small amount of the loss. Memories of what their ancestors did. And respected as the remaining parts of the immense contribution that high. Or the genius of the people of God before the great flood. This is particularly true. When we think of the past, take a look. As if it is not rigid rules, which we hope may be exempt. More so than the young man. “Sense of his life through all limbs” will I be exempt from the die, a fate shared by everyone Scipio lamenting the ruins of the city of Carthage, that “even as neo-Rome one day.