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Learning theory

Learning theory.

Theories of Piaget’s intellectual development. Have significant summarized as follows: (Lall and Lall, 1983:45-54).

Intellectual development of the individual as a sequence of different ages as follows.

The sensory perception and movement. (Sensori-Motor Stage) at this stage from birth to 2 years, the behavior of children in this age, depending on the Activity is mostly like to go to the movies to see the view at this age, children show the body to be. intellect with action. Children can solve the problem. Although it can not be described with words. Children will have the opportunity to impact the environment manually. Which is essential for cognitive development and thinking at this stage. Understanding of children’s idea to progress as rapidly as possible and hand-eye coordination and muscle boys in this age tend to do it often. This mimics. Trying to solve problems by trial and error. At the end of this stage, children are an expression of intent and behavior. Can solve the problem by changing the different ways to get what you want, but to the people of this age, most children are still living. Only what can be felt only.
Pre-operational thought. (Preoperational Stage) at this stage since the age of 2-7 years is divided into two sub-steps is another.
- The first is the EON week. (Preconceptual Thought) is the development of children aged 2-4 years is the primary reason that children have. Can be traced between the two or more events are associated with each other. But the reason the child is also a limited extent. Because the child is still self-centered. Is holding its own as a great idea. And can not see why the others. Thinking and reasoning of children this age. So it is a fact. In addition, understanding things. Remains a basic understanding that the two girls have the same name. Everything is the same. Show that the notion of children this age have not yet fully developed. The development of children’s language development is very fast.

- The intuitive perception and thought. I do not recall the reason (Intuitive Thought) is the development of children aged 4-7 years, the child is born the concept of what are known as the better sort and disassemble objects. Understand the meaning of numbers. Began development on conservation. I can not clear. Can only be solved without the prior advance. Knowledge is one thing to explain or solve other problems, and can be reasonably common. To solve a problem. Without first carefully analyze the reasoning of the child is dependent. What they know. Or touch from the outside.
The operating concept of the concrete (Concrete Operation Stage) The beginning of the age of 7-11 years, and intellectual development of children’s idea was to create a set of rules. The environmental criteria into categories. Children at this age are able to understand why. What is the solution. The concrete. Can be understood about the stability of things. The children understand that although certain solids or liquids change shape. I also have weight. Or the same volume. Able to understand the relationship of the common characteristics of children and adolescents is. Ability to think back. In addition, the ability to remember the children in the more efficient. Can group and manage it completely. You can chat with other people and understand the ideas of others as well.
The idea with the abstract (Formal Operational Stage) will start from the age of 11-15 years in the development of the intellect and the mind of a child is the best. The children at this age will be considered an adult. The kids thought it ended. Children will be able to think of a reason in addition to the existing data. Able to think like scientists. Able assumptions and theories. And the reality that opposed the recognition of the importance of what was thought. That might be possible. Kids this age are considered in addition to the present. Do you have a theory about everything and are happy to consider that. About what does not exist. Or what is abstract the cognitive development of children during the first 6 years of life, which Piaget has studied the experience. Important that children should be encouraged to include a sixth.

1. Different knowledge (Absolute Differences) children begin to recognize the difference of visual objects.
2. Know the opposite (Opposition) at this stage of your child’s week. The two sides are opposite, like a – no or small – large.
3. A multi-level knowledge (Discrete Degree) children start thinking about what the end is in the middle between the two as medium rare.
4. A continuous variation (Variation) children can understand about things such as a change of the growth of the tree.
5. A result of the action (Function) In this stage, the child will understand the relationship of the change.
6. A perfect substitutes (Exact Compensation) Children will learn that the act of changing one thing will affect another. Uniformly.
Piaget (Piaget) have studied the development of children’s idea of a procedure or process Piaget’s theory, however, is on the basis of a genetic component. He explained that the learning environment is based on the child’s intellectual development. Which have been developed by various age levels. Development of what is natural. Not to accelerate the development of the children to jump from one level to another. Because the effect on the child. But the experience in the development of young children will develop into. Higher tier. Can help children develop rapidly, however, Piaget emphasized the importance of understanding the nature and development of children, rather than the. Encourage children to develop faster. Piaget concluded that Child development sequence can be explained by the development of a biological constant. This is shown by the interaction of child and environment.