Source for the Hun.

Han people are the majority population in China. The census in the late 20th century, the Huns were about 1,200 million people live in China. It is the largest ethnic group in the world. There is evidence that since the advent of the Han emperor, Han Huang (黄帝) living in the territories, Yuan said. And spread throughout China for over 5,000 years, from the Xia, Shang, Zhou Chun Chiu – Bob Goa. It began in the Qin and Han solidarity. This began with the reign of the Han ‘ethnic Han’ which is a group of people with beliefs like Taoism. Han agricultural activities and crafts to flourish. The invention has been hailed a woven bronze, porcelain, art, architecture and painting. The right of the people since ancient times. It also included a literary form that is acceptable to all over with. And do not forget is to be the world’s first discovery and creative invention 4 is paper printing techniques, the compass and gunpowder major ethnic Han in mainland China as a theory of revolutionary politicians, poets, artists. The name is engraved in the history of China and of the world as we know well, including Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaolin Qi J, Deng Xiaoping, Hebei humiliate Elwyn G, etc. are the. Han Han made significant contributions to the children of today, and also celebrated the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Several hundred years is a long time. The concept, which is the foundation of Confucian moral teachings of the Hun. To extend its influence throughout East Asia. (East-Asia) is the most important traditions, including the Hun. Chinese New Year. Festival Yuan Siew Cheng Meng-Autumn Festival (Zhong Chew Jia) The Hun has spoken and written language of their own called the language of Han (Han Easy Row) letters called alphabet Han (Han Chih). which is subdivided into several languages including dialects of northern dialect Cantonese language Hakka dialects of the Xiamen. Hokkaido dialect, the dialect Seminyak Shanghai – Jiangsu – Zhejiang. Conan the ear for dialect. And the Jiangxi dialect.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty. An era when the mole has been signed by a number of official corruption at Opium War erupted in 1840 and is on the line with imperialism marches into territory shall yuan. On the 8th Army invaded China in 1900 and was condemned by the Chinese Iucekey of the world that is. ‘Sickly Asian’ some ‘military braid’ Some even mimic the mechanical environment ankle-length dress with a full ride to the Manchus. Invasion of Western powers. The Von Eฟa of the Qing court. Moreover, the weakness of the Chinese railing to Dr. largely Sunni. He collected a group of people who love to drive foreign. And shall desire to build up a new nation. The flesh of the sacrifice these heroic men. The Chinese were the victories of the revolution to overthrow the Qing imperial court cuisine clear on 1911 and a republic founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen as the first president of the Dr. Sun initiated. regime Economic and legal reforms, and that the Chinese had a pigtail cut off both the design of the new nation of the resources entrusted to coat Shanghai. Is sewing. Your name and the name set by the ‘Zhongshan’, which has become established in the series that is set against the Hun. It was designed by the Sun influences from the West. The shirt is buttoned shirt collar four pocket cards 5-7 inserts on both the left and right. Lower case letter or an object to be able to satisfy. The pants have front buttons secrets. Left and right side pocket has a secret. The pleats at the waist and wearing leader Dr. Sun Zhongshan with yourself, no matter what the occasion, and has been widely popular with the Huns. Because there is the cosmopolitan elegance with functionality. And comfortable to wear. It can also be used to cut a variety of different functions in order to present a set of formal series Zhongshan also popular among male politicians. China and every field. (For women cheongsam dress of the Manchus).