Learning theory part2

The learning of the action (Enactive Stage) is the learning of the different senses of what action to help children to learn better. Learning from action.
The learning of the concept (Iconic Stage) as the children can create imagery in your mind. And can be learned from the representation of reality.
Learning the symbols and abstract (Symbolic Stage) is the learning of complex and abstract it.

6) learning arise from the concepts we can create. Or can type things properly.
7) to learn that the best result is to make the students self-discovery (discovery learning).

Its use in education / teaching.

Learning theory.

1) the structure of knowledge and relationships. And consistent with the child’s intellectual development. Affect the learning of children.
2) the curriculum and teaching to suit the level of preparedness of the students. And in accordance with the intellectual development of the students to help make learning more effective.
3) intuitive thinking (intuition) as the independent reasoning can help to develop their creativity.
4) intrinsic motivation is an important factor that will help students succeed in learning.
5) theory of intellectual development of mankind is divided into three major stages.

Process of self-discovery. A learning process that is meant for the students.
Analysis of the structure and content of the learning proper is necessary to do before the lesson.
Curriculum spiral (Spiral Curriculum) to be able to teach the same content and concepts to students of all ages. The content must be taught the concepts and methods appropriate to the developmental stage of the learner.
In the course should encourage students to think independently and to help promote the creativity of the students.
Motivating the students to come up with. Is essential to the learning experience to students.
The learning process suitable for the intellectual development of the students. Will help students to learn better.
Teaching concepts to students as needed.
The experience for the students to discover their own learning. Can help students to learn better.