Students are scored based on their own knowledge. Not from the teacher and the creation of knowledge. Students are required to take one example, the built-up model. The intangible tangible. Make others see. The student must take the consequences. With enthusiasm. Responsibility for their own learning. The idea is to be creative.


Link what they already know with what they are learning.
The initiative is an opportunity for the students to do their projects. Adequate and appropriate support from teachers who have been trained to understand. Learning processes deeply.
Opportunity to exchange ideas. Present the results of their learning process.
The project is ongoing.

The ideas and contributions of self and others. Acknowledge and consider the suggestion. To foster collaborative learning. And to accept differences of opinion. Appearance and performance. And encouraged to continue. Therefore, each student will have the opportunity to develop their ability to succeed.

Learning theory with creative intelligence used in the real I began the year 2539, the Foundation has developed a pilot project pat Lighthouse Project is to demonstrate that education is the way to go for developing Thailand as a thought experiment explorers. And use technology to express ideas and create things. Fluently.

A learning experience.
• Be consistent with the purpose of teaching.
• It should meet the needs and interests of learners.
• be tailored to maturity. The ability of the students to practice.
• Be consistent with the differences between individuals.
• There should be continuity with the previous experience of the students are.
• Make the right sort of easy to difficult.

Personnel involved in the learning process.

Students to construct knowledge. Understanding of what the students themselves must take the initiative to the project which you are interested. To think and talk and talk about what they have done to others. Awareness and to exchange ideas with each other. Using the right tool for generating ideas.

Teachers should know the needs of each student. And make recommendations accordingly. And not too little to discourage the students to continue to accept new ideas. The study surveyed. Experiments with students. Opportunities for students to do what they do and in a timely fashion. Encourage the presentation and exchange of ideas and serious.

The current number of households with a computer and the Internet is rapidly increasing. Parents have a vital role in creating a culture of learning within the family. By demonstrating that learning new things, such as trying to learn to use a computer regularly. Attention to learn with children. Or learning of children in the family to use the computer as a learning tool for the realization of the value and happiness to ourselves and agree that each member of the family has a different way of learning. You can share ideas together.