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Or sterile areas of the sudden spread throughout China. In particular, Liaoning Province has the highest number. Manchu people Manchu language. The family of languages Altaic. Because it is tainted with the Han people for a long time. And a call to come to a close. Current popular ethnic Manchu Han is accustomed to using. Only a small number of villages along the border is still used in some Manchu. In addition, there are some elderly people who can not speak Manchu. Manchu people dead religion yeast with the Lord God. Manchu people, a people with a long history of racism. Traced back to 2000 years ago, the ancestors of the ethnic Manchu living in a vast marshland in the middle and at the beginning of the Heilongjiang Lung Jiang and Nile River Sioux Su Li Jiang, which is located just north of Hill County. to Santa in the northeast region of China by the 12th century, the Manchu people, those people are called “The Third Angel” was established by the Jin Dynasty. since 1583 it has included the name Lehr HA. tribal unity and establish “eight banners” and the Manchu language. On c. Since 1635. Name of their nation as a “Manchu” when. Since 1636. Wong Tai planned, including a son named Noah Lehr HA reign. Change the name to “Qing” Since 1644 the Qing Dynasty invaded the Great Wall of China. Feudal dynasty, the Qing Dynasty became the union and the federal government over the last dynasty of China. Xinghai Revolution after 1911, the name of the Manchu nation as a “dead short” official. Manchu people have made a great contribution to China’s overall unity. China to expand its territory and reaching out to economic development and culture.